Career Letter

Dear …

RE: Mediator requirement

I am enclosing my CV for your review in response to your need for a mediator. I have handled various types of disputes in the past, though my area of expertise is in labor relations.

It is my understanding that your current issues lie between labor and management and that you are currently attempting to avoid a costly strike by your employees. As you will see in my CV, I have demonstrated throughout my career, an ability to effectively resolve disputes that had been deemed irresolvable. I am confident that I will be able to find an amicable solution to your organization’s current dilemma.

My experience has taught me skills of patience, empathy and tolerance, which I feel are extremely important skills to have when resolving disputes. I currently hold a psychology degree allowing me to relate to most human behavior and I have the ability to see how both sides of an argument may hold merit. My experience has also led me to many aspects of mediation, particularly concerning areas of law and ethics.

I thank you for considering me for your mediation needs and I look forward to meeting with you soon to further discuss how I may assist you in resolving your current dispute. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone #)__ anytime.