Sales and Marketing position

Career Letter


RE: Sales and Marketing position

I am writing to you to apply for the position of Sales and Marketing that has become available within your organization. I am highly motivated to join the team of a dynamic company and I believe that with my qualifications, I would prove to be an asset to your organization. Please consider the following:

  1. I thrive in a challenging environment and I am seen as a leader among my peers.
  2. Effective communication skills are essential to sales and marketing and I believe that my strong interpersonal and written communication skills would be seen as an asset to this position.
  3. My successful proven sales track record, as outlined in my enclosed résumé, adds credibility to my skills in the sales and marketing area.

Thank you in advance for considering me as a candidate for this position and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity. Please feel free to contact me at __(phone#)__ during the day or __(phone#)__ in the evenings.


__(your name)__

Enclosure: Résumé