Requesting sale of Company shares

Career Letter

Dear …

Re: Sale of Employee Shares - __(Employee Name and No.)__

Please allow this letter to serve as my written request to sell a portion of the shares that I currently own in __(Name of Organization)__. On __(date)__, __(#)__ of shares were issued to me, by __(Name of Person/Department/etc.)__, as a part of my employment compensation package with __(Name of Organization)__. Under the __(type of contract: i.e. - Employee Share Ownership Plan)__ contract, I see that it states I am eligible to sell any of my shares after __(length of time)__ from the date of issuance, provided I’ve remained employed with this organization throughout the duration of that period. Please note that I have been continuously employed with __(Name of Organization)__ since __(date)__ to present.

In accordance with the terms of this contract, it appears that all those conditions identified above have been met and I have now chosen to exercise my right to sell __(%)__ of those shares issued to me on __(date)__. For your convenience, I’ve enclosed a copy of the __(type of contract: i.e. - Employee Share Ownership Plan)__ contract. I ask you to kindly provide me with the appropriate documentation and information that I will require to proceed with the sale of __(#)__ of my shares.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, __(Name)__. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,