Demand Monies Owing

Career Letter

Dear …

I am writing to you requesting the immediate compensation of wages owed to me and reimbursement of other financial losses I have incurred as a result of a breach of agreement by __(Name of Organization)__. Below, is an account of the events that took place.

On __(Date)__, I was contacted by __(Name)__ from __(Name of Organization)__ for potential employment with __(that company /Name of Organization)__. I interviewed with __(Name(s)__ in the __(location)__ branch and was offered a __(type of)__ position in __(location)__with this company. An Offer of Employment letter dated __(date)__ was subsequently issued to me, outlining the terms of employment, which I accepted.

I quit my job in __(location)__, sold my house and car, at a loss I might add, and traveled to __(location)__ on the Working Visa that __(Name of Organization)__ had obtained for me. I arrived in __(location )__ on __(Date)__ and began my employment with the company. For __(length of time)__, I did not receive any payment for the wages I had earned. Instead, during this period of time, I was asked to sign an Employment Contract that contravened the terms which had been laid out previously in the Offer of Employment letter. (Copy of Offer of Employment letter attached).

The areas of discrepancy in the newly drafted Employment Contract included:

  1. __(briefly list point of discrepancy)__
  2. __(briefly list point of discrepancy)__
  4. __(briefly list point of discrepancy)__

For obvious reasons, I would not sign this contract. I felt pressured by __(Names/Name of Department/etc.)__ to sign it, despite the discrepancies, and I believe that my wages were actually being withheld from me as a means of blackmailing me into signing this contract. Because in the end I refused to sign a contract that did not agree with the terms in the Offer of Employment letter, I was sent back to __(location)__, without payment of the wages that I had earned and without any reimbursement for relocation costs.

As a result of this injustice at the hands of __(Name of Organization)__, I have suffered a great deal financially and, therefore, I now demand payment in full for what is owed to me, which is as follows:

  1. __(briefly list days worked and wages owed)__
  3. __(briefly list relocation costs owed)__
  4. __(briefly list other costs owed)__

Total amount owed: __($amount)__

If I have not received payment in full as stated above by __(Date)__, I will seek legal counsel. Make no mistake about it; I will pursue every legal remedy available to me for justice in this matter. Thank you for your immediate attention to this situation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,