I patiently wait to be reunited

Love Letter

My sweet love ...

As I sit here alone and think about you miles away, I feel a warmth of happiness flow through me. My heart smiles even though we are a world apart. I never knew that it was possible to love someone as deeply as I have come to love you. Loving you has been an incredibly beautiful journey.

I lay back, close my eyes and, as though we were only whispers away, I feel my heart stir with the immensity of the love we share. Remembering your touch, your warm embrace and your enchanting kisses. Oh how I long to lie in your arms again, feeling the warmth of your love, listening only to the sound of our hearts beating together.

I keep treasured in my heart, the thoughts of that joyous moment when we are once again reunited. My heart is overflowing with the love I hold for you. I patiently await the time when we can be together forever.

Yours forever and always,