Recommend Friend for Employment Position

Career Letter

Dear …

Re: Letter of Reference for __(Name)__

It is my pleasure to write this personal Letter of Reference on behalf of__(first & last Name)__. I have personally known __(first Name)__ for __(# years)__ through __(briefly describe how you know this individual)__. People who know __(Name)__, find __(him/her)__ to be a delightfully personable __(individual/young lady/man)__.

Over the years, I have found __(name)__ to be an excellent communicator and someone who carries a healthy and positive attitude for life. __(His/Her)__ compassionate nature proves to be a great source of encouragement in lives of those that __(he/she)__ touches. __(Name)__ often takes the initiative, willing to help out whenever __(he/she)__ can. __(He/She)__ genuinely tries to make a difference in the quality of life for others.

In addition to these admirable qualities, __(Name)__ is also a very responsible person. Someone with a good sense of ethics who works hard at whatever __(he/she)__ takes on. __(He/She)__ is both an ambitious and conscientious individual. Not only has __(he/she)__ proven that __(he’s/she’s)__ a good a team player, I have also observed over the years that __(he/she)__ consistently demonstrates __(he/she)__ possesses good leadership skills.

This is __(an individual/a young lady/man...etc)__ with an exceptionally pleasant demeanor, someone who is highly intelligent, has a real passion for life, is a proven high achiever and is very hard-working. I believe that any organization would, indeed, be fortunate to have someone like __(Name)__ join their team. __(He/She)__ is a rare find.

Therefore, without hesitation, I recommend __(Name)__ highly for the __(name of position)__ that __(he/she)__ has applied for within your organization.

Respectfully yours,