Harsh Letter of Resignation

Career Letter

(CAUTION: To be used only if the resigning employee does not care that this could be a “bridge-burning” letter and that the ramifications of such a letter could negatively impact their career in the future.)

Dear ...

I find it hard to express just how __(disappointed/disgusted/disillusioned/etc.)__ I am with the way this company treats its employees. Here is a company who expects employees to treat customers with nothing but dignity and respect, yet in turn will not afford that same courtesy towards its employees. That constitutes a double-standard in my books.

I’ve come to realize that the self-declared intention of this company to supposedly promote employees’ input on improving __(customer relations, morale/etc.)__ is really nothing but smoke and mirrors. Any suggestion from an employee who actually works __(with the customers/in the trenches/with the processes/etc.)__ is never taken seriously. Instead, those people who have absolutely no idea of that is really going on at those front line levels, are making decisions that essentially create more problems. They have no use for employee suggestions as they carelessly toss them aside believing that they know better.

It leaves me to wonder why then these employees would be put through such a useless exercise of frustration if their suggestions are never taken into account anyway. I have seen good employees at __(Name of Company)__ treated with less than respect and, like those who’ve gone before me, I can no longer work in this environment of double-standards either. Therefore, please accept this as my official letter of resignation. __(Date)__ will be my last day worked.

Yours truly,