It’s Autumn now - Missing you for a year

Love Letter

My dearest ...

The leaves are changing colors now, as the trees give up their lush green leaves to momentarily paint the landscape with vibrant colors. It is so beautiful at this time of year. I wish I could share it with you. It will soon start to snow and a year will have gone by...a year of missing you. The memories of those long cold winter nights, of longing for your warmth are still so fresh in my mind.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. When I lie awake nights thinking of you, I pray for sleep to overtake me so that I might dream of being with you. When I wake up and know that you’re not here with me, I close my eyes and imagine you standing before me, telling me you love me. I feel you in my arms and it brings a smile to my face.

It’s so comforting to my heart to know that distance is the only thing that keeps us apart. I am comforted to know that love endures all, and that one day I’ll get to hold you as tightly in my arms, as I now hold you in my heart. Of all I have experienced in life, none has been so true and so blissful as loving you.

I know my love for you will hold me together until we are, once again, in each other’s arms. I miss you so very much, sweetheart and I look forward to that day with every fiber of my being.

Eternally yours,