Powerful Love

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Another moment without you by my side. I look out my window, hoping to see your face. I can feel your presence, your powerful love with each of my heartbeats. Funny how this great love of ours flows between our hearts as strongly when we’re apart as it does when we are within each other’s arms. Truly our love transcends all time and space.. I take comfort in that as I sit here now longing for you so, loving you so.

I think of you in everything I do. My day and my work take on a new life as I live in the joy of knowing how strong our love is for each other. I am anxious for the day when we will be together again. To again hear the sound of your voice and feel the touch of your hand.. it makes my heart skip just to think of it. Oh how I miss you, my dear beloved. I love you with every beat of my heart.

Yours forever,