I send a kiss

Love Letter

My dearest ...

Even though you are miles away, thoughts of you fill my mind everyday. I can’t adequately describe the warm feelings I get when I think of you. A sense of happiness overcomes me when I think of your beautiful smile. The intense sense of love I feel for you when I close my eyes, imagining you in my arms, is overwhelming. My love for you is so deep, so genuine and so pure.

Being apart only increases my desire to share my life with you. As each day passes, my love for you grows stronger and stronger. I can’t wait until the day we are together again. I long to touch your hair, to caress your cheek and to hear the sweet sounds of your voice again. Oh how I long to be back in your warm embrace, listening to our hearts beating together as one.

There will never be anyone else for me. I adore you with all my heart. I long for the time when we can be together again. Until that time comes, I send to you on the wings of the wind, a kiss that leaves you tingling with passion and breathless with love.

Forever yours,