Reasons to accept my College Application

Career Letter

Dear …

Re: Application for Student Enrollment in the __(Name of program)__

One of the primary reasons I am applying for enrollment in the __(type of program)__ program at __(Name of college/university)__, is because it will provide me with increased career opportunities. I’ve found that I have reached the pinnacle of where I can go with my career as it stands right now, and realize that I cannot achieve my full potential without furthering my education. I currently stand at a pivotal point where extending my range in academics has become critical to the future of my career.

The skills that I would learn from this __(type of program)__ program would be essential in helping me to become a more successful and productive employee and would enable me to catapult my career in the field of __(type of field)__. My current employer is completely supporting my decision on continuing my education and will provide you with a reference should you so require. I have proven to them that I am a responsible individual with good work ethics and a great deal of ambition. They concur with me that I would make and excellent student in this program.

I have grown and matured over the years and have learned that the things I want in life, I must actively pursue. I know that only through hard work and perseverance, can one achieve their goals. My goal now is to __(briefly describe your goal)__ and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

I thank you in advance for taking the time to review my application and look forward to hearing from you soon.