Reasons to Accept my University Application

Career Letter

Dear …

Re: __(Name)__ - Application to the __(Name of program)__

I thank you for taking the time to review my enclosed application for enrollment in your __(type of program)__. Please allow me to highlight some of the reasons that I believe I would be a good choice as a student for this program.

Though there are actually many reasons I have for applying for enrollment in the __(type of program)__ program at __(Name of college/university)__, one of the primary reasons is because of the caliber of program it has proven to be. A comprehensive __(type of program)__ such as this, that can provide me with the kind of foundation I need to achieve my fullest potential in the __(type of field)__ field, is exactly what I’m looking for. Researching __(type of programs)__ available through other __(colleges/universities)__, has led me to believe that __(Name of college/university)__ offers a __(type of program)__ second to none.

A career in the __(type of field)__ is a dream I have carried with me for a long time. I beleive that the driving force that has guided me to this type of field, is my strong desire to __(briefly describe some of the reasons you have chosen this career)__. Remarkably, I even possess natural talents in __(type of skills)__.

My ultimate goal is to __(briefly describe your long term goal)__ and rest assured, I am prepared to do what it takes to achieve that. I believe that only through hard work and focused perseverance, can one accomplish __(a goal/goals)__ such as __(this/these)__. My good study habits and work ethics, along with my endless ambition well-equips me to achieve __(this/these)__ feat(s). The __(GPA/grades/etc.)__ I have achieved thus far, appears to __(meet/exceed)__ your program prerequisites. I can only hope that I have presented a case to you that will convince you that I should be one of the new students you choose to enroll in your __(type of program)__.

Once again, thank you again for taking the time to review my application. I would be absolutely thrilled to be accepted into your fine__(type program/school/etc.)__and with hopeful anticipation, I look forward to hearing from you soon.