Party Celebrating my Promotion

Career Letter

Dear …

Please accept my warmest thanks for the party __(you/all of you)__ held for me celebrating my promotion. I was delighted to see everyone there and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a wonderful way to move on to a new job!

It’s been a pleasure working with all of you over the past __(length of time)__. I consider myself very fortunate to have built so many great friendships in __(the –name– of dep’t/this branch/etc.)__. Without a doubt, I will miss you all tremendously.

And so it is with mixed feelings that I move on to my new position. I’m thrilled to take on the new challenges that await me. Yet, it’s bittersweet because of those I leave behind here.

Thank you again for the party you held on my behalf __(and all the wonderful gifts)__. It was very thoughtful of you and I will always fondly remember that day. I wish each one of you all the very best.