My dearest ...

Love Letter

My dearest ...

My thoughts of you are ever present and it’s hard sometimes to keep focused on what I have to do while I’m here. Though it has been an amazing experience for me over here, my days are still filled with missing you deeply and my nights are empty and lonely.

Looking up at the star filled sky, I remember how we used to curl up close and gaze up at the stars together. I miss seeing the twinkles of starlight in your eyes. Your beautiful eyes.. oh how they shine like the distant constellations themselves. If I could make a wish on a shooting star, I would wish that we could ride that star to our own little world, where no one could ever keep us apart.

My dear beloved, I love you more with each passing day. I long for you so and I am dreaming of the time when we can love each other with no miles between us. Until that time comes to us, my love, remember you have my heart today, tomorrow and always.

Yours forevermore,