Temporarily Unable to Make Payment

Personal Letter


RE: __(Loan/Account Name - Reference #)__

Please accept my apology for failing to make payment(s) on my __(loan/account/etc.)__ for the last __(month/two months/etc.)__. Regrettably, I’ve experienced a temporary setback in my finances due to circumstances beyond my control, but will be back on track shortly.

Over the past __(length of time)__, I __(briefly explain situation that caused inability to make payment(s)__. It’s been embarrassing for me to find myself in this bit of a financial dilemma, but rest assured, it is very temporary. I consider myself to be a responsible individual and anticipate being able to resume full __(loan/monthly)__ payments again by __(date)__.

Thank you for the patience in this regard. I appreciate all you have done to aid me through this period and I will diligently work towards bringing my account current as quickly as possible.