Requesting Revised Invoice

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: Billing Error

I am in receipt of your invoice in the amount of __($ amount)__ and I see that there appears to be a discrepancy with one of the charges listed on it. Please be advised that I will be withholding payment of__(that amount/this invoice)__ until the matter can be resolved.

With reference to our original agreement, the cost for __(type of work/product)__ was to be __($amount)__, based on __(type of criteria)__. Instead, I have been billed for __($amount)__. The conflict appears to be in the __(area of conflict – example: grade of –type of- materials used)__. As I did not agree to __(a higher grade of materials/products/etc.)__, it is not reasonable that I should be committed to paying a higher price.

Please resubmit an invoice that reflects the original costs that we agreed to and I will be happy to pay the bill promptly. I am very satisfied with the __(the shipment I received/work you performed/etc.)__ and hope that we can resolve this situation quickly and amicably. It would be a shame if this were to prohibit me from __(obtaining your services again/ordering product from/doing business with)__ __(you/your company)__ in the future.

Thank you for your timely attention to this matter.

Yours very truly,