Request for Refund – Online Purchase

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: Online Purchase - Full Refund Request

Please accept this letter as my formal request for a refund in the amount of __($amount)__. On __(date)__, I first requested this refund and have yet to receive it. Below is a recap of what has taken place thus far with this incident:

  1. On __(date)__ I browsed through your website and read your Terms of Agreement which indicates that I can return the goods for a full refund if I am not fully satisfied.
  2. After reading this guarantee, I decided to go ahead with the purchase on my credit card and authorized a __($amount)__ purchase.
  3. __(briefly described happened next)__
  4. __(briefly described happened next)__
  5. __(briefly described happened next)__
  6. __(briefly described happened next)__

Since I have not__(received the merchandise/been able to reach you by phone to resolve this/etc.)__, I am formally requesting by this letter, a refund of __($amount)__. The __(services/merchandise)__ that I paid for __(were/was)__ __(never delivered/not to my satisfaction/etc.)__, and, therefore, under the protection of consumers’ rights, I expect a full refund. Please __(issue a credit for this amount to my credit card/ forward this refund to: ___name/address__)__.

Thank you for your timely attention to this matter.

Yours truly,