Previously Requested Changes to Account

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Type of Account)__ __(Name)__ - __( #)__

Please allow me to bring to your attention a serious situation regarding the above mentioned __(type of account)__ account. For __(# weeks/months/years)__, I have been under the understanding that __(my name had been deleted from this account/this account had been cancelled/etc.)__. Recently, I was made aware that this is not the case and now this matter must be rectified immediately.

Regardless of whether this account is in good standing or not, I no longer have __(any relationship/contact/etc.)__ with the party who is currently using this __(account/credit card/etc.)__ and haven’t had for __(#weeks/months/years)__. Therefore, I request that __(my name be removed from the account immediately/this account be cancelled immediately/etc.)__ to protect me from being held liable for purchases that I did not authorize.

I thank you in advance for resolving this issue without delay and look forward to hearing from you soon with confirmation of same.

Yours truly,