Request Changes to Account

Personal Letter


RE: Account Changes – __(Account Name - #)__

Due to __(briefly describe reason for changes: e.g. - my recent marriage and subsequent name change)__, please accept this as my formal request to make the following changes to my account:

  1. __(list change: e.g. – Name change – Name to now read: First and Last Name)__
  2. __(list change: e.g. – Add Account Holder – Add First and Last Name to account – Relationship to me: Son)
  3. __(list the change: e.g. – Address Change – Address to now read: New Address)__

I have __(attached/enclosed)__ a copy of __(name of document(s)__, which I trust you will find appropriate to support my authorization of __(this/these)__ requested change(s). Thank you for your time to attend to this matter. I look forward to receiving confirmation of __(this/these)__ change(s) from you soon.

Yours truly,