Requesting reconsideration for Credit Card

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: Credit Card Application – Reference #

Recently I applied for a __(Visa/MasterCard/other)__ card through __(name of financial institution/company)__. Unfortunately, I have now received notification from your organization advising me that my application for a credit card has been declined, based on a report from __(Equifax/the Credit Bureau)__.

I was both surprised and very concerned at this news. I further investigated this report from __(Equifax/ the Credit Bureau)__ and found there to be a big discrepancy. They have confirmed to me that their records show my credit rating is in good standing. Neither __(Equifax/The Credit Bureau)__ nor I know where or how this discrepancy came into the play, but we are in agreement that I should not have been declined a credit card based on my credit rating.

Therefore, I am asking you to reconsider my application for a __(Visa/MasterCard/other)__ card by requesting another report from them. I am confident you will find my credit rating to be more than satisfactory. Thank you for looking into this matter for me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,