Request to Update Credit Rating Record

Personal Letter


RE: __(Full Name & Address & Date of Birth/etc.)__ __(Reference #)__

I have reviewed the credit history records that your organization currently has on file for me and have found the following discrepancy:

__(List the entry that is an error and briefly describe why it is an error)__

This account was paid in full on __(date)__. __(Name of organization)__, to whom all monies were paid to, has been made aware of the fact they have not yet provided you with updated information regarding this __(type account/lien/etc.)__. Their tardiness with updating records and passing along current information to your organization is both unprofessional and reprehensible. And as a consequence, I am unfairly being held hostage to incorrect information. Please find attached, __(briefly describe type of proof)__ as proof that records in question are, in fact, incorrect and must be updated. I request that you make the appropriate adjustments to my credit history file as quickly possible. If you require further information to carry out this request, please contact me at __(ph#/fax#/email/address)__.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,