Your Incompetence threatening my Credit Rating

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: Loan Reference __(#/Name)__

I would like to bring to your attention a matter that has been causing me a lot of grief over the last __(# years/months/weeks)__, and now it has now escalated into a huge problem.

Please find enclosed a copy of the loan __(contract/agreement)__ between myself and __(name of organization)__ along with a copy of my cancelled checks for the period of __(date to date)__. You will note that my payments scheduled on the __(date)__ of each month for a period of __(# years)__ are current and up-to-date. In fact, please note that I am actually __(#months)__ ahead in my payments.

Let me explain to you what kind of problems I have been dealing with here. Firstly, __(Name of organization)__ has failed to provide me with the proper ‘payment coupon booklet’ that I have requested on several occasions. The coupon payment stubs are to be included with every payment I make, giving your accounting department the correct information to apply to each of the loan payments made. I have requested, time and time again – in writing, to be supplied with new updated payment coupons booklet. All of my requests have been completely ignored. Instead, since __(date)__, I have been forced to make copies of old coupons, scratching out the old dates and writing in a new date that corresponds to each new payment.

Now your accounting department is falsely accusing me of failing to make my payments as scheduled. This incompetence, which is now threatening my credit rating, has become completely unacceptable to me, particularly when I am __(# months)__ ahead in my payments. I request that you look into this matter immediately and get back to me as quickly as possible.

I look forward to having this mess resolved very soon.

Yours truly,