Unreturned calls regarding Loan/Mortgage status

Personal Letter


RE: __(Loan/Mortgage)__ __(Inquiry/Application)__ of __(date)__

Further to our discussion of __(date)__, I have still not had word back from you regarding the status of my __(mortgage/loan)__ options. You told me during our discussion, that you would get back to me within __(#days/weeks)__, and now __(#weeks)__ has elapsed with still no contact from you. Despite my attempts to contact you by phone, it appears that you are not only refusing to take my calls, you will not even extend the courtesy to me of a returned call.

I don’t know if this is the type of poor service you offer to all of your clients, but I find it to be extremely frustrating and unprofessional. Regardless of where you are at with your investigation into a __(mortgage/loan)__ on my behalf, I deserve the common courtesy of a phone call. If you are unable to help me, then just let me know. It is in very poor taste to ignore me and leave me hanging

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with you and __(name of organization)__, after I had taken the time in my schedule to sit with you to discuss my financial matters. And what is even more annoying about this situation, is that I placed my trust in you enough to divulge very personal information about myself. Your behavior now makes me wonder if I laid myself bare to someone who has no intention on helping me to secure a __(loan/mortgage)__. This whole thing has been a very demeaning experience for me.

Notwithstanding all that I have had to endure with my financial affairs, it does not make me any less of a good citizen, __(Name)__. At the very least I deserve common courtesy. If you truly are an ethical business person, I would expect that you would respond to this letter in a timely manner.

Yours truly,