Payment or Legal Action

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: Repayment of Loan

I am sending this letter to you in regards to the money I lent to you on __(Date)__. In accordance with our agreement, this loan was supposed to have been repaid by __(Date)__. As outlined below, please allow me to refresh your memory on the terms you had agreed to before I was willing to lend you this money.

__(Briefly described terms of loan - Example: On __(Date)__, I offered to lend you __($amount)__ for a period of __(length of time)__, with the understanding that you agreed to make __(number)__ consecutive monthly payments, each in the amount of __($amount)__, to repay the loan. Repayment of this loan was based on the principle amount of __($amount)__, plus __($amount /__%)__ interest, bringing the total amount to __($amount)__. This amount was to be paid in full by __(Date)__.

As of __(this date/today/Date)__, __($amount)__ is still outstanding. Despite the several phone calls and messages I’ve left for you __(over the past --length of time--/since --Date--/etc.)__, __(I have not heard from you/there has not been any attempt on your part to make good on this loan/etc.)__. Not only has this greatly disappointed me, but it’s put a real damper on our relationship and has also placed me in a position where I am now forced to take further action.

Please be aware that if I have not received payment in the amount of __($amount)__ by __(Date)__ to clear this loan, I will proceed with legal action. Consider this your final notice.

Yours truly,