Extenuating Circumstances

Personal Letter

Dear …

I am writing to you to officially appeal a grade that I was given for the __(Name of class/course)__ that I was enrolled in and I am requesting that this grade be __(removed from/changed on)__ my transcript. You will see as outlined below, that there were extenuating circumstances surrounding this particular __(class/course)__, which I believe should exonerate me from a __(failing/poor)__ grade. Allow me to explain:

Soon after I began attending this class, __(briefly describe fact #1 - what happened in the class)__. This was very disturbing to me so I __(briefly describe fact #2 - what you tried to do to circumvent the problem)__. Unfortunately, __(briefly describe fact #3 - what the results were)__.

It became evident to me that there was little I could do to change the situation and I found it increasingly difficult to continue __(briefly explain what was difficult to do: i.e. – attending this class)__. In light of this intolerable situation, I consulted with __(several faculty members/Name of school counselor/etc.)__ as to what I should do. __(They all/He/She)__ advised me to __(briefly explain what advice you were given)__, assuring me that my grade would __(briefly describe how your grade would be affected)__ because of __(briefly describe why)__.

Obviously, that is not what has transpired with this grade as evidenced my transcript. As this was a situation that was clearly out of my control, I don’t believe that I should be further victimized now by a __(failing/poor)__ grade. Therefore, I appeal to you to do the right thing and __(remove/change)__ this __(failing/poor)__ grade __(from/on)__ my transcript. Thank you for taking the time to review my case. If you require any additional information, I would be happy to provide you with it.

Again, I thank you for looking into this matter for me and look forward to hearing from you soon with a favorable response.