Your cheating hurts too much

Love Letter

Dear ...

I am struggling to find the words to express how much I am hurting right now, trying to be strong, but I fearing that I might not make it past the pain. I really believed you loved me, __(Name)__, and wanted to share your life with me. I thought you wanted "us" as much as I did. You are the one person that I trusted with everything; the one I loved with every beat of my heart. It hurts so deeply to accept that you are not who I thought you to be.

Now I cry at nights wondering what I ever did to have you hurt me as much as you have. Wondering how you could have carelessly thrown away all that we were and all that we shared, to cheat on me. If you could only feel the pain of my tears as they fall.

Even though you came to me and told me you wanted to try to work things out, you never really meant to be faithful to me. I cannot sit here and wonder when you will cheat next. I am no longer blind to it. It kills me to know that all the things you say to me are the same things you say to another. No more recycled lines of love for me, __(Name)__. It just hurts too much.

Though it means walking the path of unbelievable unhappiness, I will never play second place in your life again. Maybe one day you will see what you threw away.

This is good-bye forever,