Changes to Unit

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Type of Item)__ __(Replacements/Changes)__

I wish to bring to your attention, a situation that I cannot let go unchallenged. This pertains to how the __(replacement of/changes to)__ __(type of fixture - i.e. doors)__ on the units within the __(Name of condominium complex)__ are handled.

Please allow me to refer you to units # (list the unit numbers this pertains to)__. I draw your attention to the fact these unit owners have __(replaced their/made changes to their/etc.)__ __(type of fixtures – i.e. doors)__, which are now different from the existing ones you see in the rest of the complex. These __(type of fixture - i.e. door)__ __(replacements/changes)__ were made uncontested by the Board of Directors up to this point, which brings me to the issue of debate.

I have found inconsistency with the Board of Directors’ decision-making process of late when it comes to __(replacing/changing)__ __(type of fixture – i.e. doors)__ in this complex. This became evident to me when I submitted a request to __(replace/change)__ the __(type of fixture- i.e. door)__ on my unit. To my surprise, my request was declined for reasons of “noncompliance with __(name of code, rule, bylaw, etc.)__.” I find it quite ironic that this “__(name of code, rule, bylaw, etc.)__ compliance” applies to only select unit owners in the complex. Otherwise, those __(# - i.e. twelve)__ units owners who have already __(replaced/changed)__ their __(type of fixture – i.e. doors)__ would have been subjected to this same __(code/rule/bylaw)__, and clearly they were not.

I am really struggling to see how this kind of governance could possibly be fair to all the unit owners in this complex. To be honest with you, this inconsistency by the Board of Directors has left me feeling both confused and unsettled. Therefore, I ask you to contact me as soon as possible with an explanation. If no reasonable explanation can be given, then I request that you overturn your previous decision which declined my request to change my __(type of fixture)__. Otherwise, I can see no other way of resolving this issue without involving all the unit owners of __(Name of condominium complex)__ in this discussion.

I thank you for your attention to this matter and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,