Appeal Parking Ticket

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: Parking Ticket Number __(Reference #)__ Vehicle - __(year, make & model of vehicle)__ - Plate # __(license plate #)__

Recently I received the above referenced parking ticket in the mail indicating a parking violation on __(date of the ticket)__ at/in __(location/street/name of City)__. Please allow this letter to serve as confirmation from me that this ticket was issued incorrectly, as my vehicle was not located anywhere near __(location/street/city)__ on that date.

On __(date)__ at __(time)__, the date and time this ticket was issued, I was at __(name of place)__ with my vehicle, which is located at/in __(location/street/city)__. I do have witnesses who will attest to this. In fact, the truth is, I have never even been to __(name of place/city/street)__ with my vehicle. Below please find the name(s) and number(s) of witnesses(s) who will confirm my whereabouts with my vehicle on the date and time in question.

 __(list names and phone numbers of witness/s)__

Please have this parking ticket and fine reversed and forward to me, a letter of confirmation once completed. I thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

Yours truly,