Appeal Residential Parking Ticket

Personal Letter

Dear …

Re: Appeal - Parking Ticket Number __(Reference #)__

Recently I received the above referenced parking ticket indicating a parking violation on __(date of the ticket)__ for being parked at __(location/street/name of City)__, which is directly in front of my house. I am writing this letter to you to bring to your attention that I believe my house has been discriminately targeted in this neighborhood for this type of parking violation.

I have lived in this neighborhood for __(#)__ years, living at __(address)__ for the last __(#)__ of those years. In all those years I have been parking in front of my house without incident. Then out of the blue, without any warning and without any signs being posted, I received a parking ticket that states I am in violation of __(briefly describe the nature of the violation)__.

In addition to that, there were several other vehicles parked in my neighborhood on that same date, parked in exactly the same fashion as I was, in accordance with this stated violation, and yet my vehicle was the only one that was ticketed. I find that to be highly suspect and believe that this may have been done based on discrimination. And as a result of this, I am requesting a full explanation for this turn of events.

Further, I believe it is unreasonable for the __(city/town)__ of __(name of city/town)__ to issue parking penalties of this nature without first notifying the residents of the neighborhood that there even is, in fact, a parking bylaw of this nature in place. Therefore, I am requesting that this violation be reversed immediately. If your __(name of department)__ department wishes to proceed with this penalty, please advise me of the date and location where I may present my case for appeal.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,