Appeal Transfer of Prisoner

Personal Letter


I am writing this letter to you on behalf of __(full name)__, asking you to reconsider transferring __(him/her)__ to a new prison location. We have seen the contribution that __(he/she)__ has made in our community recently, by speaking out against __(substance abuse/etc.)__ to a number of organizations. If __(name)__ were allowed to serve the remainder of __(his/her)__ __(sentence/time)__ in __(name of place)__, I know__(he/she)__ could continue to help others.

It is not that I am condoning __(his/her)__ crime by asking that __(he/she)__ be excused of it, nor am I suggesting an early release. It remains a serious offense and I know that it cannot be treated as insignificant. I am only asking you to consider allowing __(name)__ to serve __(his/her)__ confinement here in __(name of community)__ so that __(he/she)__ may continue making those inroads that __(he/she)__ has been making in our community by speaking out against __(substance abuse/etc.)__.

Sometimes reaping the consequences of our actions is what it takes for us to realize our erroneous ways. That’s what I believe has happened with __(name)__. __(His/Her)__ prison confinement has undoubtedly influenced __(him/her)__ to rethink the way __(he/she)__ had been living __(his/her)__ life, to the point where __(he/she)__ now feels compelled to reach out to as many people as possible to deter them from following in __(his/her)__ footsteps. __(Name)__ genuinely wants to make a difference out there by using __(his/her)__ own life as an example of the consequences of such actions.

I am asking you to please reflect on all this before making the decision of transferring __(him/her)__ to __(name of place). Thank you for taking the time to consider my request.