Invitation to Parent’s joint Birthday Party

Personal Letter

Dear …

We are extending this invitation to you in celebration of the birthdays of our parents, __(Name and Name)__. Our father was born __(#)__ years ago on __(date)__ in __(place)__ and our dear mother was born __(# years/months/days)__ __(later/earlier)__ in __(place)__. That will make her __(age)__ on __(date)__.

This birthday party is a joint celebration of two people who have brought so much richness to our lives. __(Name and Name)__ have given to all their children __(and grandchildren)__, the kind of love and care that leaves us with countless treasured memories. We have also seen how their friendship has touched the lives of so many other people over the years. In celebration of these two wonderful people, we ask you to join us for their big birthday bash! This party will be held:




We sure hope you are able to come!