Medical Professional Employee

Personal Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to take this opportunity to tell you how impressed and thankful I am by the way I was treated recently, by one of the __(type of employees)__ in your __(type of organization/department)__. On __(date)__, I was __(briefly explain what happened: e.g. taken to (Name of) hospital by ambulance after a ….)__. It was a terrifying experience for me as I was feeling vulnerable and extremely worried about my condition.

The attending __(type of employee)__ could tell how frightened I was and took every opportunity to calm my fears. It was evident that __(he/she)__ really knew __(his/her)__ profession well and slowly I began to calm down. I could feel myself starting to feel quite safe with __(him/her)__ at my side and by the time __(briefly explain: e.g. – we reached the hospital)__, most of my fears had been alleviated.

I can honestly say that __(this -type of employee- /Name)__ was the most gentle, compassionate, and knowledgeable medical professional I have ever encountered. __(He/She)__ is truly an exceptional __(type of employee)__ and deserves to be formally recognized for __(his/her)__ commendable efforts. I extend my warmest thanks and gratitude to __(him/her)__.

A big thanks also to the entire __(Name of organization/department)__ for the outstanding service you all provide to this community.