Commending Hospital Employee

Personal Letter

Dear …

I want to take this moment to extend my thanks and gratitude to __(name)__, who is a __(type of employee)__ at __(name of organization)__. During __(my/my spouse’s/etc.)__ stay at the hospital, I found that__(he/she)__ was exceptionally efficient and helpful, willing to assist in anyway __(he/she)__could to make __(me/my spouse/etc)__ more comfortable. And without fail, you could count on __(name)__ to have a big warm smile for you the moment __(he/she)__ walked into the room.

Not only does__(Name)__ perform __(his/her)__ tasks efficiently, __(he/she)__ displays a genuine care and compassion towards all those people that __(he/she)__ encounters throughout __(his/her)__ day. __(His/Her)__ obvious dedication to __(his/her)__ job is very refreshing and quite exceptional. I will remember my stay at __(name of hospital)__ as a pleasant one, largely because of __(name)__.

I must commend __(name)__ on __(his/her)__ outstanding efforts. __(He/She)__ is an excellent representative of __(name of organization)__ and I thank __(him/her)__ for an outstanding job!