Recommend someone for Employee of Month

Personal Letter

Dear …

I want to take this opportunity to say how impressed I was with the __(professionalism/great job/etc.)__ of __(type of job)__ that __(Name)__ __(has done this week/consistently does/etc.)__. __(His/Her)__ dedication to __(his/her)__ job is nothing short of exceptional. I found that__(he/she)__ is willing to do whatever __(he/she)__can to ensure that __(his/her job is always done well/I am completely satisfied with…/etc.)__.

__(He/She)__ is both thorough and efficient and proves that __(he/she)__ is an excellent representative of __(name of organization)__. I just didn’t want this opportunity to slip by without commending __(name)__ on __(his/her)__ outstanding efforts. Without hesitation, I would at any time recommend that __(name)__ be recognized as employee of the month. My compliments to __(him/her)__ on an outstanding job!