Thanking (Testimonial to) a Medical Practitioner

Personal Letter


I just wanted to drop you a note today to thank you for providing me with such incredible healing to my __(part of body healed)__. Never would I have thought that __(type of treatment)__ would give me complete recovery of my __(type of ailment)__. You can’t know how wonderful it is to no longer feel the pain I’ve felt for __(length of time)__. No longer do I have to take daily pain killers. This is so amazing!

It just so happens that I __(briefly describe how you heard about this doctor/person/treatment)__. After __(seeing what it did for…/hearing of various cases of healing../etc.)__, I thought that it couldn‘t hurt to give __(type of treatment)__ a try. And so that’s how I ended up meeting you. And am I ever glad I did! You truly __(have wonderful healing power in your hands/understand the complexity of…/etc.)__.

You’ve made me a true believer in __(type of treatment)__. Thank you, __(Name)__. I am ever so grateful to you.