Thanks for great Service - I have another request

Personal Letter

Dear …

I just received the __(type of item)__ from __(name of organization)__, which represents __(briefly describe what the item represents)__ and I just wanted you to know how thankful I am to you for ensuring that I received it. How wonderful to be associated with a__(collectors society/organization)__ of this caliber. It’s evident that the people who represent __(name of organization)__ like you, __(name)__, take a great deal of pride in ensuring customers are well cared for. I was delighted to receive __(type of item)__.

On another note, there is something that I wish to bring to your attention today. I have not yet received __(briefly describe what you are still waiting for)__. Would you be so kind as to check into this for me? Thank you for the reassurance you have already given to me, allowing me to trust that I can leave these things in your capable hands.

Once again, __(name)__, let me extend my appreciation for taking the care that you do with your customers.