Commend Employee of Financial Institution

Personal Letter

Dear …

I want to take this moment to extend my thanks and deepest gratitude to __(Employee Name(s)__ of your organization, who went above and beyond to help an elderly person who was being taken advantage of financially.

On __(Date)__, __(Name of elderly person)__ went into __(Name of Financial Institution)__ to __(briefly describe what they wanted to do)__. This raised suspicions __(with/amongst)__ __(this/these/your)__ employee(s), who then began to ask more questions. It soon became apparent that this elderly person was vulnerable to __(name or type of person/entity trying to take advantage)__, who was trying to take advantage of __(him/her)__ financially.

Once __(Name of Employee(s)/these employees/etc.)__ __ understood the situation, __(he/she/they)__ moved quickly and professionally to prevent __(Name of elderly person)__ from financial ruin. There is no doubt that __(Name of elderly person)__ was being taken advantage of, both financially and emotionally, by __(unscrupulous people/an unscrupulous person)__. Your employee(s), __(Name(s)__, decided to do the right thing by __(briefly describe what they did)__, despite the fact that this action could cost __(him/her/them)__ __(his/her/their)__ job(s). A courageous act indeed.

I cannot tell you how grateful __(I am/my family and I are/etc.)__ to __(Name of Employee/each one of these employees/etc.)__ for the admirable way __(he/she/they)__ handled this situation. Clearly, __(his/her/their)__ concern was first and foremost for the well being of __(Name of elderly person)__. And trust me, __(his/her/their)__ heroic deeds will never be forgotten.

Sincerely yours,