Commendable Job to Medical Staff

Personal Letter

Dear …

At a time when our lives are tested beyond what we could have ever imagined, when we are living in our darkest hours, the thoughtfulness of others seems to beam through like gifts of immeasurable size. It was devastating for me to see __(my child/my wife/my father/etc.)__ holding on to life…so close to death’s doorsteps, while I stood helplessly by. I can’t think of how I would have gotten through this horrendous experience without the kind and considerate support of some very special staff members in the __(type of unit/division)__ at the __(hospital name)__ .

In particular, I would like to extend my gratitude to __(name)__, __(name)__, __(name)__ and __(name)__ for all the encouragement and support they gave in helping __(me/us all)__ to pull through this terrible ordeal. I commend each one of them for the superb care they gave to __(my child/my wife/my father/etc.)__ and the special care they took in all that they did. They truly give honor to their profession.

The support and compassion demonstrated by these people, while nursing my __(name)__ back to health, will never go unforgotten. Thank you all for a commendable job!