Commending Hotel Employee

Personal Letter

Dear …

I want to take an opportunity to say how impressed I was with the extraordinary service __( I/my spouse and I/etc.)__ __(receive/received)__ from your employee, __(Name)__, when __(I/we.)__ checked into the __(Name of Hotel)__ hotel on __(Date)__. __(Name’s)__ dedication to __(his/her)__ job is nothing short of exceptional and I feel it appropriate to give __(him/her)__ due recognition for it.

Upon __(my/our)__check-in arrival, it was discovered that the room was not yet ready for occupancy. At this news, __(I/we)__ found __(Name)__ to be not only genuinely empathic to the situation, but willing to go above and beyond to ensure that __(I/we)__ felt welcomed and comfortable while waiting for the room. __(I was/We were)__ delighted when __(he/she)__ __(briefly highlight what this employee did)__.

As a __(seasoned traveler/platinum guest/etc.)__, I must say that this kind of service really stands __(head and shoulders above/out from/etc.)__ the rest. __(Name)__ is friendly, courteous and one of the most considerate hotel employees __(I’ve/we’ve)__ ever encountered. __(He/She)__ is an excellent representative of __(Name of Hotel)__ and deserves to be commended on the outstanding service __(he/she)__ provides to your hotel guests.