Request Separation From Your Partner

Love Letter


My heart is full of such pain as I antagonize over us and where we are today. We’ve been through a lot over all these years together. I know that __(I’ve/we’ve)__ made mistakes and we’ve have had to overcome a lot. And over the last __(length of time)__, we’ve worked so hard at trying to rebuild what we had together before the __(breakup/divorce/etc.)__. Yet, as I look at us today, the spark seems to have dimmed between us, no matter how hard we’ve tried.

There’s no doubt we both know that this is not working out the way we thought it would. We both wanted to be “us” again so badly, yet it’s just not been same. I do love you and always will, __(Name)__, but to be honest, deep inside I’m no longer sure that our future is us together.

I just really want to do the right thing here. If we’re meant to be, then let’s find a way to fix this, if not, then we have to accept what we must do. Right now, I just need time away to sort things out. Time apart, to know for certain that my heart still cannot live without you. I care for you so much, __(Name)__, and don’t want to hurt you. I just think we need a break from “us” so that we can see clearly what our future holds.

I hope you understand and agree with where I’m coming from. A separation is not meant to stir up bad feelings between us, it’s to allow us both space to make sure we truly are meant to be together. Time apart will give us that answer.

So, I think it’s best that __(briefly describe how you see the separation taking place and when)__. I’m going to hope for the best with our love and friendship in tack.

All my love,