Thanking a Doctor for Wonderful Care

Personal Letter

Dear …

Thank you for the wonderful care you gave to my __(husband/daughter/etc., __(Name)__, and the extra mile you went in helping __(me/us all)__ through this very traumatic time. When we are living through our darkest hours, at times such as this, we so greatly appreciate the care of a skilled doctor like you. That, and the amazing kindness and understanding that you showed, shone through to us like a definitive ray of hope.

My __(husband’s/daughter’s/etc.)__ __(type of condition)__ was very distressing for __(me/our whole family/etc.)__, watching __(him/her)__ clinging to life with death’s door so close. I was very fearful. But as I watched you expertly carry __(him/her)__ through the worst of it, taking no heed of the endless hours you were spending with __(him/her)__, a great relief came over me knowing __(Name)__ really was in good hands. I will forever be grateful for the admirable commitment you give to those in your care.

The devotion you show to your patients and their families, __(Dr. Name)__, is incomparable. Your thoughtful support and understanding tends to reach out in ways that go beyond words. It’s hard to imagine how we could have gotten through this dreadful ordeal without you. I believe your destiny was, indeed, to be a doctor and __(I/my husband and I/etc.)__ will always be very thankful for that. Without a doubt, the world became a better place when you answered your calling.