Meet the Neighbors functions

Personal Letter

Hello Neighbor! It’s nice to finally meet you!

It was you that I saw __(cutting the grass/shoveling the walks/etc.)__ the other day, wasn’t it? No? Hold on then…maybe it was you I caught a glimpse of before you disappeared as our garage doors simultaneously opened and closed to swallow our vehicles! Or could it be that it was in the __(supermarket/grocery store)__ I saw you, as we were storing up for another week’s hibernation in our homes?

You don’t suppose it could be that we’ve never seen each other at all, do you? If that’s the case, then it’s time to do something about it!

A few discussions amongst residents in our __(neighborhood/community/etc)__ recently, has revealed that many of us think it’s time to get to know some of our neighbors. We thought it a great idea to get to know our neighbors by creating social opportunities in our __(neighborhood/community/etc)__. One of the ideas presented, seeming to trigger a great deal of interest, was to start a __(type of function)__.

This event will encourage adults and children alike to gather to share food, drink, good conversation and some overall fun! We’re calling it our __(name given to event/function)__. Outlined below is how our __(name of event/function)__ will work:

  1. __( briefly describe who is invited to these social events)__.
  2. __( briefly describe what to (wear/bring/etc.) to these social events)__.
  3. __( briefly describe when these social events will take place)__.
  4. __(briefly describe where these social events will take place)__.
  5. __( briefly describe how notification of these social events will take place)__.

__(I have/name has)__ agreed to kick off the first (name of event)__. It will be held on __(date)__ at __(location)__ from __(time to time)__. Please come to join in the fun. It would be great to see if it really was you that I saw and I’d love the opportunity to chat with you!