Complaint to Environment Protection Agency

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: __(Name of Owners)__ - __(Type of thing(s) causing pollution)__

Please allow me to bring to your attention a serious situation that has been plaguing my family since __(date)__. The issue lies with __(type of thing causing the pollution – example: two oil well derricks)__ operating around the clock on the property located at __(address location)__. Our home is located within __(distance)__ of __(these/this)__ __(type of thing(s)__.

There are actually two issues I wish to bring to light that are very disconcerting about __(these/this)__ __(type of thing(s)__. Firstly, the noise generated from the __(type of)__ motor(s) currently used to operate __(these/this)__ __(type of thing(s)__, is unbearable. The motor noise is very loud and we get no reprieve whatsoever from it, day or night. Secondly, the pollution continuously pouring into the air from __(that/those)__ __(type of)__ motor(s) is both offensive smelling and toxic.

On several occasions we have asked the __(type of thing)__ owner(s), __(Name of Person/Company)__, to make a change to the motor(s). We’ve urged __(him/her/them)__ to consider going with __(type of)__ motor(s) which would not only reduce the noise significantly, but would also reduce the toxic air pollution that is constantly emitting from the current __(type of)__ motor(s). Regrettably, our complaints and suggestions have fallen on deaf ears. __(These people are/This person is)__ not interested in making any change to the operation of their __(type of thing(s)__, regardless of the effects on us as nearby residents or the environment as a whole.

Therefore, I am asking the Environment Protection Agency to conduct an investigation into this situation. Contact information for __(Name of Person/Company)__ is: __(contact information)__. I genuinely hope this issue can be resolved soon and thank you for your time and attention to this matter.