Appeal Board of Education Decision

Personal Letter

Dear …

I wish to bring to your attention, a situation that is so disturbing to me that I cannot let it go __(unchallenged/unmentioned/unresolved/etc.)__. This pertains to the __(Name of program/event)__ that has recently been offered to students in__(name of course/class)__.

From what I understand, this __(Name of program/event)__ has been organized to offer participating students the experience of __(briefly describe what experience will be gained from it)__. I applaud such a program allowing students to learn first-hand how to__(briefly describe what they’ll learn)__. The educational value in this is huge.

My problem, however, doesn’t lie within the program itself, but in the way it has been presented. Originally, it was presented to the class as a whole and offered to all the students enrolled in the __(name of course/class)__. Then, subsequently, a decision was made to rescind that and have it offered only to those students who are __(describe what differentiates them from other students)__. I am having serious trouble understanding why the students in this class are being segregated like this. Why all the students enrolled in this __(course/class)__ are not allowed to participate in the __(name of program/event)__.

Please let me point out here that:

  1. These students have all enrolled in this __(class/course)__ for the same reason—to learn more about __(type of course)__, which will ultimately enable them to make more of an educated career choice in this area. It shouldn’t matter whether they are __(describe what differentiates them from other students)__ or not.
  2. The school is not having to fund this __(Name of program/event)__. That is the responsibility of the students and/or their parents.

So with all this in mind, I’ve been left feeling both confused and unsettled. This __(Name of program/event)__ is a fabulous program which I believe all the students will learn a great deal from. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to learn that my __(son/daughter)__ may miss out on this amazing opportunity because __(he/she)__ is not a __(describe what differentiates them from other students)__.

Therefore, I ask you to contact me as soon as possible with a more reasonable explanation for this decision. I further ask you to reconsider it and allow all the students in this class to participate in the same level of education. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,