Short Notice of Condo Fee Increase

Personal Letter


Since I became the owner of unit #_____ in __(Name of condo complex)__ __(#)__ years ago, I am seeing for the first time, the Condo Board making efforts to ensure that the property management company we’ve hired is appropriately caring for our __(buildings/complex)__. I’m happy to see that this has become a priority for the new Board of Directors. And I know I also speak for other unit owners when I say that we all have been burdened enough with unnecessary expenses due to the negligence of past Condo Boards.

The maintenance of this building must be kept up regularly now and I realize that it costs money to do that. Hence, I understand the reasoning behind increased condo fees. What I do object to, however, is the very short notice the owners have just recently received, advising them of a __(%)__ increase on their Condo Fees, commencing __(date)__.

I know first hand, that there are other condominium __(buildings/complexes)__ in this city that also make annual adjustments to their condo fees, when necessary. The difference is, however, their Board of Directors ensure that the unit owners receive notifications of these condo fee increases well in advance; three months in advance to be precise.

It is inappropriate to impose on the unit owners, a condo fee increase, particularly such a high one as this, without sufficient notice. And __(#)__ days before it’s due should not be considered an acceptable time to finally be releasing this news to us all. If we had been given sufficient notice regarding this increase, I know personally, I could have allocated my budget differently over the last couple of months. Alternatively, I could have at least reviewed other options available to me, such as selling my unit, if it is determined that this new increase will now take me beyond my living expenses budget.

In closing, and on behalf of all the unit owners here, I request that in the future, the Board of Directors provide us all the courtesy of sufficient notice before levying any assessments or condo fee increases. Thank you.

Yours truly,