Complaint about Accommodations

Personal Letter

Dear …

I wish to inform you of a very disturbing situation I encountered with one of your __(hotel/motel locations)__ very recently. On __(date)__, I checked into room # __(#)__ at the __(name of Hotel/Motel)__ at __(location)__. Upon __(entering the room/ordering a meal/etc.)__, I noticed __(briefly describe the hazardous condition)__. I could see that this represented a serious hazard, so I immediately contacted the __(hotel management/chef/etc.)__. To my dismay, I did not receive a response. After __(repeated calls / # of calls)__ to the __(type dep’t)__, over a period of __(# hours/days/etc.)__, I still did not receive a response to rectify the situation, therefore, leaving me no choice but to check out of the __(hotel/motel).

I’m still in disbelief that an organization like __(name of organization)__ would take such an apathetic attitude to a situation of this distressing nature. I have since been informed by other patrons of the __(name & location of hotel/motel)__, that this actually an ongoing occurrence. This is very alarming to me and I believe something needs to be done about it. Since __(date)__, the date I left the __(hotel/motel)__, I have been in phone contact with __(several of)__ the managing staff there to discuss this situation. It appears that the complaints I have brought forward have had no effect on them whatsoever and, in fact, they all act quite indifferent to the whole thing.

Therefore, I have been left with no other alternative but to bring this to the attention of the proper authorities. With photos as proof, please be made aware that I will now be contacting the __(type of governing body – i.e. Health Board)__ to initiate an investigation. I am fairly confident that I will not receive the same “indifferent” attitude from them, particularly once they see the severity of the situation.

This whole incident has been an absolutely dreadful experience for me. I believe it to be a terrible representation of your organization’s otherwise good reputation, and it’s time someone in your corporate headquarters was made aware of it. Hence, the reason for my letter to you.

Yours truly,