Falsely Accused of Stealing Room Items

Personal Letter

Dear …

I wish to inform you of a very disturbing situation I encountered with __(Name of Establishment)__ very recently. On __(date)__, I checked into room __(#___)__ at the __(Name of hotel)__ at __(location)__. I stayed for __(length of time)__ and after I checked out, I noticed an unauthorized charge of __$amount)__ on my credit card.

Upon inquiring about this additional charge, the various hotel staff I talked to kept passing me on to other departments for an explanation. Seems no one could explain the charge so they kept ‘passing the buck.’ When I was finally able to speak to __(Name)__, the __(type of)__ manager, he too tried to pass me off to yet another department. By that time, I had had enough of this ‘passing the buck’ game and demanded to know from him what the charge was for. That’s when he rudely told me that I was being charged __($amount)__ for __(type of items)__ which he accused me of stealing from the room.

I was both shocked and appalled at this false accusation and directly pointed out to him that the items he was referring to __(give briefly explanation: i.e. - were never in the room from the moment I checked in)__. I further pointed out that there is no proof whatsoever to this terrible allegation and that I take real exception to being called a thief. How dare he accuse me of stealing! Never, have I been treated so abhorrently in all my life! I can’t tell you how much emotional distress this ordeal has caused me.

Nobody should ever be treated this badly. This employee is an absolute disgrace to __(Name of Establishment)__ which otherwise has had a good reputation. I would suggest that the employees of the __(name of hotel)__ undergo some serious training in communication with guests, particular in the area of billing discrepancies, before they further plummet the image of this hotel. This whole incident has been an absolutely dreadful experience for me and it goes without saying that I will never enter the doors of the __(Name of hotel)__ again.

Simply put, I will not tolerate being treated like this. There’s nothing I did to deserve it and I will certainly not let it go unchallenged. If I do not receive full reimbursement for the __($amount)__ charge on my credit card along with a genuine apology within__ (length of time)__, rest assured I will take legal action. I expect nothing short of the situation now being resolved quickly and without further ado.

Thank you for your attentiveness to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon

Yours truly,