Noise disturbance & other issues

Personal Letter

Dear …

Please allow me to bring to your attention a serious issue that you may not be aware of since you have moved out of the house located at __(address)__.

With your __(boarder/son/daughter/etc.) now virtually left unsupervised in the house, there has been a notable increase in noise disturbance in the neighborhood from that location. The noise disturbance has literally become unbearable. In addition to this, there have been many vehicles left abandoned at the house, which is now creating an unsightly environmental issue in the neighborhood.

People in our neighborhood are feeling that our security is also in jeopardy with all the increased activity at your house. I not only speak for myself, but also speak on behalf of others living in this neighborhood when I say that these problems have now reached intolerable levels. Therefore, I am asking you to kindly address these issues immediately. It is not our wish to have to file a formal complaint concerning the issues surrounding your property, but regrettably, we will do so if left with no other alternative.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.