Commission on Judicial Conduct against Judge

Personal Letter

Dear …

RE: Code of Judicial Conduct Breach by Judge__(Name Judge)__

I am writing to you to report the inappropriate conduct of Judge __(Name of judge)__, in a courtroom on __(date)__. The behavior I witnessed is not only unbecoming of a judge appointed to the American Justice system, but appears to be in direct violation of the __(name the Code of Conduct e.g. - New York’s Code of Judicial Conduct)__. Listed below are the details that describe the intemperate behavior of this judge on __(date)__.

__(describe verbatim, the responses from the judge in the courtroom on that date. Point form works best for this – ‘he said, she said’ – keep this as brief as possible, or alternatively, you can write it on a separate page and then change the first paragraph’s last sentence of this page to read, “Attached you will find the details that describe the intemperate behavior…”)__.

This type of arrogance, sarcasm and abuse of authority are not what the citizens of __(this country/Name of City/etc.)__ should have to expect from a judge. That is why there is a Code of Conduct in place. Judge __(Name of Judge)__ obviously does not follow this Code of Conduct as set forth by the __( e.g. - New York’s Code of Judicial Conduct)__ and, therefore, I am requesting an investigation into this matter by The Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Please accept and register this as a formal grievance against Judge __(Name of Judge)__. I thank you for your investigation into this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,