No Response to Complaint - Unreturned Calls

Personal Letter


RE: __(Subject of Letter)__

Further to my attached letter of __(date)__, I am writing again to you, this time to inform you that I have still not had word back from your organization regarding __(the subject of your complaint)__. I certainly would have thought that someone would have contacted me by now. Yet, despite my attempts to contact you, both by correspondence and the endless phone calls I’ve made to your office, it appears that you have chosen to ignore me and have decided to not even extend the courtesy of a returned call to me.

This is so exasperating for me. I don’t know if this is the type of poor service you offer to all of your clients, but I find it to be shameful, never mind how extremely unprofessional it is. Regardless of what went wrong with the __(the subject of your complaint)__, I still deserve the common courtesy of a returned phone call. It is is all in very poor taste to ignore me and leave me hanging like this.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with __(name of organization)__. This whole thing has been __(a most unpleasant/an incredibly disturbing/a terrible/etc.)__ experience for me. It makes me wonder if I did, in fact, place my trust in a completely incompetent and unethical organization. How disheartening that would be.

If your organization is truly an ethical business, I implore you to respond to this letter in a most timely manner. Thank you.

Yours truly,